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By Smithhammer
Sorry wrh, it's that old thing about sarcasm not always coming through in text. I've heard of those other models, but IMO, everything else out there is just trying to play catch-up to the ipod. I've got a nano 4g and it's great. It'll hold about 800-1000 songs which is all I need, I can put pics on it as well, it's really small/light, and interfaces flawlessly w/iTunes. But like most things, what model you choose all depends on what you want it for. From the memory descriptions of models you're considering, it looks like you're mainly looking for something to just store a reasonable amount of tunes on, right?The regular ipods have gotten to the point where they have so much memory its almost overkill IMO, unless you're going to be using it as a back-up drive (which isn't a bad idea, but there are way cheaper backup drives out there) or storing/watching videos on it, etc.**Btw, if you go with a nano, when you import your music into your iTunes library, import it as AAC files rather than MP3. Essentially the same sound quality but significantly smaller file size, which will allow you to fit quite a bit more music on your ipod.
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By Brookies Rule
Just got a 4gig Nano for Christmas absolutely love the thing. Battery life is just fine, don't worry about that. I've put so much stuff on it in the last week I don't know what else to put on and I still have half the thing open. It holds photos and contacts as well which is cool and comes with a few games as well. Ipod all the way. Clickwheel is the schizit.
By TroutGrrrl
I have an old 10G iPod and I'm glad I chose it. Now, I view it as being waaaay too small though. By the time you load up a few flyfishing podcasts (Zach's is a must) and a few CDs, I now have to cull which music I want to carry around. I'd recommend going as big as possible for that reason.
troutgrrrl knows of which she speaks -fer the last yr, I hv the 60g vidpod, and I really can't see going with anything smaller. I find being able to carry around the entire video catalog of William Burroughs, and every episode of battlestar galactica , plus another 30 gigs of tunes completely essential.I did just remove apocalypse now redux for the entire dizzy gillespie catalog .
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