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she's to be respected, no doubt.but I find it ironic that they used her high school boyfriends music to accompany the otherwise enjoyable video montage of her mad skills.
By Jed
The question should be is she a great caster. (YES). "The greatest" is superlative and only one person fits that description. I like Joan. She is cool. Shutupandfish. The easiest way to reach cast is to make your cast and as the line finishes its travel you make your reach while letting out an additional few feet of line. That way the extra line for the reach comes from the uncast line and it does not effect the cast line. Does this help?n jed

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I know this will get panned because it is fishing related.My apologizes n The best way to reach cast:n After you make your stop on your fwd cast.n Lay the rod 90 degrees to your cast.
Originally posted by CaBasturd:n SUAF,Best way to solve the reach cast issue. Wade to another position where you don't have to use it. I know that it can't always be done under every circumstance but most times it's doable.
Since I am so bad at it, I have perfected this option. 07 will be my year, though.I have not yet begun to suck!!

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