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By Glista
Not to wreck a good fly fishing site by talking about a fly fishing related topic, but I was wondering what everyone thinks about the trend with North American based rod manufacturers to have there cheaper rods built off shore in third world countries? I for one don’t care for it too much. I have always liked the fact that fly rods were a high-end item made by American or Canadian craftsmen. Kind of a status symbol for some people. Now it seems that most companies are out-sourcing their entry-level rods to third world countries. Sage, Winston and Orvis are just the ones I know about but they are 3 of the biggest in the country. Does anyone know if this is happening in Canada? Some rod manufacturers still make all there rods in the North America. Scott is a good example, and there rods are fantastic, even the low end ones.

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American Rod Manufacturing will be saved by the introduction of C60 composite materials that will replace everything rods were ever made out of except for weeds.n S
basically I couldn't care less where the rod is manufactured or assembled. if it's that much a bother it is easy enough to not buy the entry level rods from the companies you mentioned and get a st croix instead.oh, my favorite fly rod? manufactured in italy of all places.
I bought my stuff at least in part because of being made "locally"St Croixn TFOn EchoI like to buy this way, because the innovation and manufacturing sides are sort of married to each other. Seems to me thats becoming the exception, even in industries, like this one where niche products could really have an impact, and legitimately support a small portion of a local economy (one or two households counts as a legitimate portion of a local economy). Not saying thats the way all trade should be, but its nice to see where it still exists.thanks,n befuddled
To me there is a difference in paying for a high dollar rod or shotgun from some place like Italy than say buying a entry level to medium level rod made in China because you want to save $40. I get all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the rod was made by some people in Twin Bridges, MT, not Korea. I'm not a fan of globalization, in fact I'm getting into that homegrown mindset as much as possible. I bought grapes that were grown in Chile for Godsakes in the grocery store the other day. I want to be the dude that has a small farm, long beard, veggies, fruits, moonshine, homemade wine, bud, and fishes all the time from the creek/river that flows through his property. Buy American biatches! Image
How is TFO local? Besides the company being based in Texas, their rods are still made overseas. All of em.
St. Croix rods are made in the U.S. except their Reign and Legends.
Not too sure about Echo. Just because a company's HQ is U.S. based does not mean its goods are U.S. made.As a de-railer anyone else hear of the rumor of TFO hiring people to hit message boards? Not you befuddled, but the rosy shiny TFO makes great rods right here in Texas posts?EDIT: I meant premier and Reign. Their lower end sticks.

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so I was told. that actually pisses me off. it was one of the reasons I bought the damned rod.
I for one am glad that I got my Winston 4wt. before they started outsourcing. I also have a Scott 5wt. made here in CO. Shit, I also have a Sage 4wt. that was most likely made in a sweat shop.....Still its a sweet rod. New rule for every two American rods that you own you are allowed to purchase one made in another country. Image
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