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Winston cane rods are (possibly soon to be were) country club quality. Dunno what happened to make you hate T&T but the reality is Winston is the same in terms of endearment towards snobbery.I had the same impression then I actually cast some T&T's...mainly two handers to begin with...and holy shite I have replaced EVERY rod in the quiver with a blue stick. From trout to tarpon and there isn't a double hander on the market with a sweeter action. If you like fast action rods the Horizon Series are the be-all-end-all for many. Don`t belong to any country club. Don't give a fuck about status just performance and quality of workmanship. They truly make custom quality available in off the rack rods. Made in the USA to boot.To each their own.
I personally own several of the rods mentioned, have gotten excellent service from T&T, love my Scott S3S and Ls2 Winston B2 86. An interesting thing to note is that I have a lot of old Fly Fisherman Mags from the seventies (back when they had real info and didn't use models on their covers) and when the graphite rods were introduced they were quite pricey especially when conpared with what other things cost then(around $80 in 1976 dollars, you could get a gallon of gas for around 40 cents) and you could get a really nice bamboo rod for $ 150. Has anyone heard about Sweetwater Rods yet? Hope they can get going, the spirit of craftsmanship, skill and knowledge can still make in the US.
inland- right on brother. anyone who thinks T&T is country club should go to mass and tour the facility. if nothing else they are a bunch of hippy dropouts. they are just smart enough to know who has all the money in this country, sorry you fell for it too, Mijo. T&T is definitly the scott of the east. or is scott the T&T of the west? i forget.for the record winston green rods are made in twin bridges.Texas must really be full of republicans. you can buy a good rod for under $200 made in usa. you just have to want to.i won't buy from walmart until we are all working for them which should be another two weeks or so.Mijo and Jack W will be the first to bitch about it when their company sends their job overseas. but gimme cheap equipment cause it's all i can afford working for McDumpster. it will be alright then. it all evens out in the end.

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By Jon
The last rod I bought was made in the US - Denver in fact. By Phillipson, about two years before I was born. And it cost less than a new T & T or Sage.It is a sorry state we greedy Americans have gotten ourselves into. We demand to buy everything as CHEEP as possible, then wonder where the decent jobs went.
Originally posted by nemo:n 1) The Drake is made in the U.S. (But I'm hiring some Indonesions to handle all my calls.)2) You guys are gonna love the Scott ad in the new Drake.3) I'm so proud that my website can introduce the word "xxxxxxxx" the rest of the world.
sorry nemo. I call foul on myself.
Originally posted by JackW:n Couldn't care less where it is made. I like what I like, and the skin color of the people who put it together doesn't interest me in the least.JackP.S. First post. Hate me if you wanna!
No hate here JackW. It's all about the fishing on this board....well pie and boobies too.Skin color has nothing to do with this argument, it ain't a racist thing. It's about our country letting every little manufacturing job head East or South. It's about Americans in general want everything cheap as possible regardless of the consequence(see fast food also). Flyfishermen see rod making being a last bastion of American craftmanship(see Befuddled), and to every rod maker moving production to Indonesia, China, Korea, etc. is a bullshit trend. Small business is dying in alot of areas. Big boxes have taken over. Small town downtown areas are ghost towns now. Until Americans open their eyes and see what is going on it will continue to get worse.
Creek, You're right broseph. However, I have seen some exceptions around the south, thank jeebus. The reurbanization effort is in full swing in some major cities as well as some rural towns, cities, etc. The problem is, even though retailers are filling up our squares and downtown areas, people are still shopping at the big box stores, for obvious resons. The development sprawl throughout our region has a lot to do with this issue. I hate it. There is also a resurgence of organic farmers here and there. Their product is unreal but noone gives a shit to go to the small markets on Saturday to shop, they'd rather head over to wal mart.... (sorry, off topic) I like what you said about, "wait until America notices what's going on" It's called "The Oh Shit Revelation!" .... Kinda like with gas prices at the moment. If they receed(which they wont), people will forget there is an energy crisis. Respeckt!

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Good job on this thread guys....good points on all sides.Scott rods rule. Buying a G2 when my commission check comes in....
Originally posted by Fishmaster Flex:n I'm pretty sure Loomis rods are made on Baimbridge Island, WA.
You're confusing Loomis with Sage, unless Sage is making the high end Loomis sticks now. And a few pages ago re Scott SAS- it's the old Alpha, now A2 line- not the S3S.I like TFO for revolutionizing the sub-$100 stick. While $80 for a fishing pole is still too much for most kids in America, the $20 lifetime warranty helps. The snob stink will stay on fly fishing as long as the entry cost is too high.Nailknot: On the TFO dole, printing money at U.S.$2/word.
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