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By governor
A while back I posted a thread where I was ready to graduate and get the hell out of college. All who posted made valid points about a lot of things, and I realized that all wasn't so bad as a college student, as opposed to in the real world with real problems, etc, etc. But I am writing this as I sit in the library at 1:30 a.m. That's really not that late I guess, but I have been here since 5 p.m. And Monday I was here for 7 hours as well till 2 a.m. And I have classes (starting at 7:50 a.m.) and work as well. I know I will miss college for sure, and all it's benefits, but the typical 9-5 (which I don't plan on having by the way) sounds a lot better than my schedule of 7:30 a.m.- 2 a.m.feel free to rip me apart now.
Dude, I am an (almost) old guy who did the real life thing and then went back to college for the second time. All I have to say is that if your college days were your best days, you either didn't study hard enough or you aren't living right now ('proly a bit of both).As you get older, you get wiser and, if you're doing it right, a little more access to the good things in life. The trick, I think, is to not make yourself a slave to the paycheck and let the grind wear away your soul. So buck up now, and make sure to pick a career that does more than pay the bills. Pick one that you can imagine yourself being stoked about in 25 years. And if you don't got the right degree or training for it, get it. You got plenty of time.Good luck.
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By Redchaser
Originally posted by fishin' monkey:n ...As you get older, you get wiser and, if you're doing it right, a little more access to the good things in life. The trick, I think, is to not make yourself a slave to the paycheck and let the grind wear away your soul. .....
Well said. Years ago I quite living for my work and started working to allow me to do the things I enjoy. I recently side stepped advancement at work because it would have cut into the time I have with my baby girl (and with the fish)
By El Bucko
Chill Winston.n Old man time comes at you fast enough without wishing for it. Enjoy it for what it's worth while you can.
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By steelhyde
Gov-I was in your shoes last year. Take some time off, skip some class and go fish. That's what I used to always do. When work pisses me off, I dont have the luxury of skipping out (although the occasional "sick" day happens every now and then).Put in your necessary time and effort for school, but dont forget to put in the necessary time and effort to have some fun.

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By Wingnut
Oh, so you you have long days at school and study, big f-ing deal! At least you can see the end of that coming. Wait until the real worlds grabs you by the short hairs and slowly pulls them out for 45 years of work. Just do your shit and put in your time, do the best you can, to get the best job you want and then maybe, just maybe you will only have the short hairs pulled out for 35-40 years...............
first quit crying then go drink 24 beers through a funnel, fuck a chubby chick (you know, the grateful kind) and go fishing. Feel free to change the order up a little if you'd like but try to keep the beers before the chubby girl.
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By Adams
9-5 jobs aren't the real world. I'd kill to be back in college. Or law school.
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By dunk
1. I agree with SR - quit cryin' - nobody likes a whiner.2. You are where you are - enjoy it or do something else.3. Do what you love and you will be successful - the older I get the more the truth to this. I've seen a lot of people head down a path that initially would appear to have limited financial rewards that have turned into a comfortable and very enjoyable life.I was a key exec with a sizable multinational and enjoyed much of what I did. I was responsible for hundreds of millions and did deals all over the world. It was a good gig - compensation way into 6 figures, huge office, large staff, jet, limos, all the shit.After a while it started to own me - too much time on the road regardless of how well I traveled, long hours, continuous pressure to perform, lack of time to do what I wanted. A couple of years ago I said enough is enough. After my last day I went home and spent a couple of days with my family then packed the car and took a raod trip alone to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming for a few weeks. Best thing I ever did.My wife still says she likes the guy that came back from that trip a lot more than the guy that left.If you don't like what you're doing - do something else. Nothing is stopping you but your own insecurity.
By governor
i'm definitely not going to take a job that i don't enjoy.n G&G, trust me I live it up here, but you can't exactly go to bars when you're stuck in the library all day. tonight, i'm getting fucked up. this weekend, i'm going fishing so it's all worth it. i could've put off some of that work until the weekend, but i buckled down so i could hit some water this weekend. i just wanted to whine a little bit. i'm done now. keep it real old timers.
By viking
A quick list of shit you will have to deal with after you graduate until you die:Insurance (health, car, home, life)n Insurance companiesn Bosses n Coworkersn Customers (depending on what you do but it will be at least two)n REAL consequences for doing stupid shit n Taxes (no more e file)n Time (trust me you will have less to yourself than you do now)n Your credit scoren Women (not girls)Life rocks after college, just not quite as hard. Also, RELAX you'll be out of there before you know it. Its already been like a month since you did this last time right?
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