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By Redchaser
Alec Baldwin is no doubt campaigning for father of the year. Go to TMZ and click the audio thingy to hear how he talks to his 11 year old daughter.Somebody should hit that guy in the head with a hammer.
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By Bear River Boomer
Nice!Didn't he say he was going to move out of the country if George Bush was elected president? I offered to help him pack but he never returned my calls. After hearing Mr Potty mouth, maybe it's a good thing.
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By Redfooted Mule
I thought that dick was leaving the country after the 2000 election. What a dipshit.
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By eponymous
I believe this is what Osama Obama (Teddy K.'s words not mine) was referring to when he talked about "verbal violence" last week.
By tarpon slime sunscreen
I've maintained for years that certain people should not be allowed to breed. I believe most of those people on my list reside in Hollywood and Wash DC.
By Roy
Redchaser,You should know better than to expect self-control out of an actor. Just sayin'.

:cool I concur with WB :cool

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