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I have been looking around and have notice that all of a sudden the Granby area of Colorado is being over run by assholes. They are new "fly fishing" developments popping up on both the Colorado and Fraser Rivers. One is being sponsored by our friends at whorvis and will ruin 1500 acres and 2.5 miles of unfucked up water along the Colorado. The other is another "fly fishing" community that will put a shitty cookie cutter community on the banks of the Fraser River. I can't find the link but saw it advertised in a magazine produced by mister self promotion asshat Ladon Mayer. This is so fucking wonderful. Why in the fuck would anyone want to go fishing in the middle of a bunch of new homes. Isn't it partly the remote places that fly fishing takes us part of the draw of the sport?
There isn't a short lil' guy from Orange County moving in is there?Seriously that sucks. More and more it seems like devlopers are trying to make fly-fishing into the next golf craze by doing shit like this. This is the second one of these fucked up communities I've heard of this week.
Fuck that shit!! Preserving it my ass!! Maybe preserving their cash flow.n Orvis president Perk Perkins hails the project as "an opportunity to build an entire community around the sporting tradition that is the heart of Orvis." n WTF! They gonna have electric carts to shuttle the fat asses up and down the river and some chick at the end of every 4th manicured pool selling refreshments?n Where the fuck is Hayduke when you need him?
Another thing: How do you preserve the "sporting tradition" by making it exclusive to a very select group of rich fucking yuppies?
I would pay a months salary to see Perk Perkins and Ginsing in a fight to the death, cage match style.

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Hey spooled, isn't that land already privately owned and inaccesible to the public? I think that in the long run a bunch of rich bitches that spend about 2 weeks a year at their summer home is probably better for the river than a big ass herd of bovines. That being said, the thing I hate about CO, as a state, is their stupid-ass river laws. I could never get used to it. I would just love to see it overturned. We could show up on "their" stretch of the river with rastafarian wigs, grateful dead t-shirts, 6-inch long doobies, wet wading in flip-flops. Those uptight richies from the Hamptons would fill up their underwear in 43 seconds.
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