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By bigtj
Am I mistaken, or does the name [/img]itch" sound very similar and rhyme with the word "Bitch"? Mitch "aka dA Bitch"...has kind of an inspiring ring to it.Commence ninja monkey-fighting, if you please, I'm bored... :mad:

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By highstream
Imagemage Hosted by">
By Dr Strangefly
Ouch! That sure looks like it's worthy of a 2-minute minor for cross-chicking. How is it you have that avatard and then post that picture...It's just plain wrong man...
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By highstream
Just keeping you on your toes.
By Dr Strangefly
Toes nothing, that picture nearly knocked me on my ass! Heaven forbid I see that when I am getting some gas at the local...
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By SageBrush
Hey now....thats someone's Mother
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By mitch aka 2 fish
I was alright for a while. n I could smile for a while,n but what you called me last night,n I made my fists so tight,n that I nearly passed out cold... n I know you think of me well, n You couldn't tell, that I was...Hah-hmmmm... I'll be okay, just gimme a minute- The Right Honourable Larry 'Sooky' Seidlinn I see your Bitch and I raise you Fuckstick.
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By beaucephus
whatcha tying?

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