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By URFlyFish
Ok so we have this thread with fishporn.....(not jesuit priest porn) so I thought it would be interesting to see some great pics of peoples favorite water.
Image n This is the headwaters of a favorite brookie stream back east. Off the beaten path.
By nllaeder
Image Krimmler Ache, outside of Krimmler, Austria.Solid fucking river.This one's OK, the Siene in France. Image This wild brown came from this pool. The vertical banding is common to wild fish in the Jura region of France and Switzerland. Image

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By nllaeder
Nope, I'm not half as cool as he is.Actually, the France trip sucked in the worst sense of the word. The people there were the biggest douche bags I've ever seen. They make the people ruining this board look like nice folk.Austria fucking rocked. There was one spot where I caught about 15 fish this size in about twenty minutes. Image Followed immediately by this guy: Image
By URFlyFish
Holy Shit!!!! was this a business trip that turned into pleasure???? Details please. What made you go over there to fish? I thought that Austria has no public water and alot of the places are private.... I would kill to do a trip like that though. Were there many other people out on the water?
By nllaeder
I'm an engineer for a very large construction company. I lived and worked in Berlin for almost two years. I had the opportunity to fish in Austria twice, the Czech Republic twice, and France once.The Czech Rep. has a long way to go until it's a destination for fly fishermen. The Communists weren't kind to the water.France needs to kill all of the French people and repopulate from all over the world. Then it might be cool. Beautiful country, pretty - albeit small - fish, but absolute douche bags.I can't say enough good about Austria. The water wasn't public, nor completely private. The hotel I stayed at, Hotel Bräurup (http&?XXXXphpXXMyXXAdmin=PJoDU06GX9A-uYk6zj0kk6%2CbqXb&XXXXphpXXMyXXAdmin=e3868738d682ae0c48145fad6c9b69f8#58;// is awesome. There's a fly tying table in the bar, and they totally cater to fishermen. It's basically a skiing/fishing hotel. If memory serves, the fishing is like Є25 a day. This gets you access to something like 140km of rivers and streams, and a handful of lakes. Hiring a guide was like another hundred Euros. My first day of my first trip, I hired the manager of the flyshop (in the hotel) to guide me. The fish posted above were caught that day. We got drunk that night to celebrate. The next time I went back, it was his birthday, he had the day off to go fishing, and he took me with him and his friends. It was sweet.In the two visits I had there, I only saw two other groups of anglers on two different occaisions. Perfectly acceptable considering the quality of the waters. The town, Mittersill, is great. It's like a little ski bum town. Bars all over. There's a biergarten at the hotel. Four Dutch guys and I played this fucked up drinking game with four hot Austrian chicks. I got back to the hotel about five that morning, fucked up beyond belief. It was fun.Nick
By nllaeder

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By viking
Great pics man, I was in europe before the whole fishing thing got me. Looking back I only made it into the sticks enough to see a promising looking river twice. Once in Switzerland and once in Czech. The town in Czech was tiny and had two kick ass hostels in it each with bars. The town was an old tiny place with not much to do but sit, drink, and rest your feet with others doing the same. Had a nice little river going through it. Man, good times.
By nllaeder
Late summer. The pictures above are all from a trip over the Fourth of July weekend, and it was a little too early - the water was fairly stained. I went again in September, but they'd had some serious flooding. The Krimmler Ache access road was blown out. The rest of it fished well, though.The best thing about this place is it isn't the best in Austria. Everyone in Europe only wants to go the Best place, which is probably the Gmunder Traun.This place was almost deserted. Add to that the gorgeous waitresses dressed in the traditional Dirndl, and it's a fucking vacation. Image Image Image
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By banknote
i hitchhiked through Austria in 1990. only spent one night in Salzberg at some old lady's house, then blazed all the way over to western Germany the next day. this is relevant because whilst waiting for a ride, surrounded by motorway on- and off-ramps, i happened to peer down into a creek running below. what did i spot, but at least a dozen fair sized browns actively feeding. i'd had no idea, hence, no fishin stuff. cool to see, though.also spotted a few nice browns in Tubingen, Germany.
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