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By Salvelinus
Ah, few things make me more lustful than beautiful rivers.Here's the Dartmouth, an Atlantic salmon river in Gaspe, Quebec.
Image A fall sunset over the Grand Cascapedia, the most famous salmon river in North America.
ImageA typical dreary but hauntingly beautiful summer day in the far north on my favourite river, the Whale.
ImageHead of the same river, with thousands of caribou swimming (that dark line across the water in the distance) across
the mouth of the river outlet above me in the lake - an incredible scene of nature. Unfortunately, all the hair and
caribou shit seems to put the trout down for a day or two.
ImageThe Petite Cascapedia, a sweet little salmon river in it's own right.
ImageAnd a monster caddis hatch at my favorite spot

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By bigtj
Bacon..come on now our secret is safe. It's entirely too nebulous to identify any landmarks. And C-man won't spill the beans, either.
By bigtj
Smithhammer,If that's not a hint I don't know what is. Hilarious.BTW thanks for the GTW pics as well...the 7th is the forks, is it not? Man I wish I had hit that trip with you last year.

<small>[ February 22, 2007, 12:13 AM: Message edited by: bigtj ]</small>
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By SageBrush
#97332 guys!n ...... now I've got a Woody
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By ischua
my river a bald eagle Image eating wild fat little pigs (lots of bigger Brothers) Image at dusk when they come out to play Image I love small water
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By Smithhammer
Originally posted by bigtj:n Smithhammer,BTW thanks for the GTW pics as well...the 7th is the forks, is it not? Man I wish I had hit that trip with you last year.
It is the Forks - good eye. I'm probably going too need to go back there again sometime soon if this project goes through. I'll let ya know. :(
By germanbrown
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
By bigtj
GB,That's my old hood you're showing off. I won't spill the beans though, nice shots.
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