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By No Idea
ImageButtermilk Springs
Image Duck Dogs waiting
Image Woodies
Image Screwd with
n River death
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By Snagly
Why does Pecos have a Mepps Gold Aglia #3 hanging 'round his neck? Man, that sort a' shit is going to put a fine fly fishing dog into a lifetime therapy. He'll probably end up working for an egg drifter.You wanna mess with the head of something young and gullible, pick a fly shop employee. Your dog deserves better.* * * * *Jaw-dropping shots.
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By woolly bugger
some little MT creek... Image
By viking
Not a river but I figure it works here ImageAnd just because sometimes you gotta play with what you got Image
By Brookwookie
I gots to gets me a yak.That's cool, Creek. Looks just like home. With higher humidity. Image

<small>[ August 18, 2007, 10:45 AM: Message edited by: Brookwookie ]</small>
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By nlights
Image Image Location D
By Fishpaw
Camp by the ugly, slow, clay stained water
ImageHike to this tributary
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By badcop
Revival of the river porno was severely overdue.Spring WA. Image Imagedaisy, havin a look
Image Image ImageI
ImageAs he hover above his prey and in one foul swoop.......
Image................LE BANG
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