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huh... come to think of it, there were some good albums this year...smog, a river ain't too much to loven lightning' bolt -- hypermagic mountainn devendra barnhart -- cripple crown jackie -o motherfucker -- flagsn v/a -- good for what ailes ya: mussic of the medicine showsn death from above 1919 -- yr a woman, i'm a machinen bonny billy -- summer in the southeatn superwofl -- s/tn dirty 3 -- cindern billy childish & buff medways --- meway wheelersthee troutholen tastemaker
Beck Gueron Shooter Jennings Put the O back in Countryn White Stripes Get behind me satan
"A River Ain't too Much to Love" is my album of the year 2005. Callahan can write.Silver Joos Tanglewood Numbers with Malkmus and Nasto back on board was good, but no American Water. Love as Laughter "Laughter's 5th"

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I bought exactly one album this year: Grant Street by Sonny Landreth. It's a live album, and it smokes. Other than that, I don't think I've bought or listened to an entire album by anyone in almost 2 years (since moe. - Wormwood, I think). I find it almost impossible to keep up. I have fallen squarely off the hip train, and I don't mind so much.
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