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By Pat
Imagegoodnight big titted attention-whoring bimbo. welll miss you so.
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By BigTimber
no more trim spa commercials? damn.

<small>[ February 08, 2007, 09:17 PM: Message edited by: BigTimber ]</small>
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By Creekweed
I dunno, I kinda like the dumb ones. Just have to stay drunk and they start to make sense. Big tits don't hurt either.
By Vlad d'Impaler
bu-bye!She had the ass of a manitee, the boobs of a Angus, and the sophistication of Oliver Twist... but hoo-boy, I'll miss all that fun Texican style drama! Image
By viking
Its odd that I get breaking news from an obscure fly fishing website. really I can think of so many really inappropriate things to say right now I'm just going to keep them inside. It is sad to see one of those responsible for me hitting puberty go.
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By BigTimber
eew. poor guy.
R.I.P.wish the best for her kids............ n who-ever the dad is?
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By shutupandfish
It would be easy to say God kicked the trailer trash to the curb because it started to smell. But really this just seems like a sudden end to a sad, fucked up life.
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By SageBrush
Foul Play maybe......?n High dough waiting there
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Good Stuff right there-thank you sir.

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