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By dudley
Originally posted by Wingnut:n And eponymous I agree about the Dick name, sad for me is my wife's dad's name is Dick and I have the toughest time calling him Dick. I just want to crack up every time I say "Hey Dick you want a beer?"
My fishin' partner's name is Dickn It's a badge he wears proudly
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By eponymous
Originally posted by Wingnut:n I just want to crack up every time I say "Hey Dick you want a beer?"
Be careful. The last time those words passed Harry Whittington's lips he got a face full of birdshot.e
By medicated cast
Used to have a deer lease in Mexia TX where she grew up. Didn't seem right to be hunting something with a higher level of cognition and brain function than the local populous. Had to keep reminding myself that deer don't have opposing thumbs and were tasty.

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