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By Brookwookie
Cranky today Grant? Why is this board so slow?I'm over people who will veer into my lane to go around a garbage truck, just assuming that I'll move over onto the shoulder to give them room. Screw you and your cell phone, Mario.
By revolution.kirk
more than likely Al Qaeda
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By 2Hi2Fish
the fact that we citizens have our pants crumpled at our feet and we have both hands on our ankles and are taking the shaft from our government.And we don't give a rats ass.
By WillyF
The board is really slow. It seems like the response time is slow, not the actual downloading of content. My 15 Mbps connection/huge wang means it's your fault, not mine. Your fault for offering great content that people want so that they suck up all your bandwidth. Get back to offering suckage so I can get it fast.
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By Adams
Not have enough money to be arrogant.Closed fishing seasons.

I think that's fixin' to change.

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