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One day I'll get bored and fuck off, you'll all miss me and I won't care. You think about me when you shouldn't right now. I know you do.n I bet you've even told someone about me at work. If you do fucking... oh, never mind. Image ImageI believe that second one has secretly been wearing a Maidenform.

<small>[ March 15, 2007, 03:43 PM: Message edited by: mitch aka 2 fish ]</small>
Originally posted by mitch aka 2 fish:n Simple solution then fuckface, get a job and you'll have someone to talk to.n Then you can miss two things, me and your couch with the fat ass dent in it.n Don't get any on ya.
Gotta give it to you on this one mitch. You finally made a funny. Too bad it was at my pal Jed's expense.

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