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By Redchaser
Junior© wrote:Old one.

Holy crap you let Marco's in your boat?
By Articulated Trico
Pretty good example why fishing is no good when too many people live on an island!
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By FlyFishNut
S'up bitches. Haven't posted in a while, been side tracked. - Shit, looks like a lot of Noobs here. Hmmmmm


my woman


drunk girl on the puddle jumper

this motherfucker ate my fly and I missed it... then he ate my buddies "bait". I still have nightmares about this.
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By Mangina
Redchaser wrote:
Junior© wrote:Old one.

Holy crap you let Marco's in your boat?


Guy on the right ain't Marcos


Guy on the left Dale? Damn fine trout!!!! Congrats!!
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By vaku
P-A wrote:
Da Ax wrote:
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:Why were you pissin in a toilet in Haiti ? was the street broken?

and further, if you were pissing in a toilet in Haiti, why were you messing with the CF card?
You crack me up man!!
:cool :cool
Both good points and lessons well learned. I actually had the card in my teeth and.... well let's just say it was a fucked up situation. Right before it dropped a thought raced thru my head...... don't drop that fucking card that you were so stupid as to hold it in your teeth.

GS - did you get that card recovered? If Tailer can't get it done ( and I have no doubt that he will ) I can give it try.
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By Nemeth
pretty awesome stuff there, great to see kids takin up archery.
By 2FlyFish4
I've never been overly artistic but have been playing around some with sketching. Here are a couple of sketches I have been working on the past few weeks.

Freshwater Drum

Bull Bluegill
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By Bobwhite
Tailer wrote:
2FlyFish4 wrote:Bull Bluegill
Damn dude!
That's some solid work, there!
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