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By Junior©
Mangina wrote: Red-

Guy on the right ain't Marcos


Guy on the left Dale? Damn fine trout!!!! Congrats!!
Correct. He was possibly more stoked than I was. By far biggest trout i've ever touched.
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By Redchaser
[report]The Fatman, he do get fact he's kind of like the Kato Kaelin of the suk...minus that whole part about staying in the guest house of a football player that chops up white women...

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By Tailer
TidewateR wrote:Image
Ginseng Sullivan wrote:Image
These two images appeal to me on the same level. Does that mean there is something wrong with me?
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By Bears Fan
G_Smolt wrote:[report]The episode aired a few weeks ago, so the cat is out of the bag...
Moist and Happy clients.
Did you teach him how to cook as well?
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I don't know who any of those people are. And I don't think I'm unhappy about it. :coffee
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By ncguy
[report]ImageKyle doling out the fruit.[/report]
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