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By N_8
NeedmoreDEET wrote:
One knock against Alaska: no herps. I was a snake and lizard chasing fool as a kid....and prob. still would be.
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
T.J. Brayshaw wrote:Fishing probably kept me from eventually losing a finger to a venomous snake bite.
A big hickory stick probably kept me from eventually losing a finger to a venomous snake bite.

Don't get me wrong. I really like the good ones but those sneaky ones that lay under the canoe or drop out of trees into the boat really really creep me out.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Fishing never stopped me from wrangling them.


(Yes they are all alive and were re-released unharmed.)

What did stop me? Sense after seeing two fellow wranglers lose use of a limb for a good month on account of poor handling. Thats right, one time wasnt enough -- it really took two for it all to sink in.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
Copperhead. We dont have cottonmouths. From what Ive read, they are really aggressive. The copperheads are pretty lazy and youd pretty much need to step on one (or handle it -- ha ha) to get bit.
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By Genome
I've got a soft spot for Agkistrodons. Cottonmouths aren't all that aggressive. If they're headed your way they probably just want their belly rubbed.
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By cantfishforshit

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By B.M. Barrelcooker
Dood it's Thursday

Haha. Nice fish. Good to see you out !!

That's some good medicine right there .
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By cantfishforshit
I have a 15 hour shift tomorrow...and most Fridays I can't get a posting until the day is over. Thanks...I hooked into a nice large mouth that was far too heavy for my 6wt and 5x tippet. I don't know what he weighed but he was about 2ft long and fat as hell. I wanted to land him to show in the FCT thread but he was just too big for me to land...just not enough experience, I guess.
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