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By fly-chucker
way to go Jose :cool
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By Kfoxwyo
Holy Fuk AJ, congratulations. Just in time the city gets more and more bleak by the week.
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By kish
Good for you, man. It's gotta feel great. (And weird.). :cool
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By ironman
Yeah, buddy! Congrats! Saturday's from here on out.
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By Mad_Mike
Never had the pleasure to meet you AJ... but congrats.. and if your newly found free time draws you south, by south east.. there's plenty of room for foldy chairs on the Mud Cricket.. Cheers
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By Deadwestern
Good on you AJ. Hope to see you in an airport bar some day soon. On the other side, I floated Tiff down the river yesterday to celebrate her new job.
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Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement my friend!!
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By fatman
Joe, I hope you shat in the wastebasket on the way out....
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