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By steelhound
Drake kindness is the best kindness
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By fallen513
Love those smallies in the Carribean.
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In between too much working, wedged in a couple days to start the season.
The Year of the Muddler goes on forever.
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Cheers fuckers. Busy couple of weeks and the hottest July we've had in years. SLSS got me thinking about cooler weather and skated bugs :cool
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By brownsville
It’s bittersweet to see your sempervivum plants flower. Every succulent gardener/armchair philosopher has speculated on the last unique and showy act of hens and chicks. Some find it sad that there is no way to save the plant as it stretches, becomes ungainly and dies. Others see beauty in the death of a hen & chick plant as it reaches upwards in a burst of color and bids farewell to this world.

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