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By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
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By Kfoxwyo
Pretty sure that I have fished one of them...such pretty places.
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By fishskibum
[quote="B.M. Barrelcooker" post_id=687463 time=1527180020 user_id=9699]


Couldn't wait til Friday. I'd like ya'll to meet Tibby's new little brother ...Earnest Hemingway.



Tibby aint lookin quite as stoked as i am fer yer new littles papas

At least peeps wont think ya named him after a tv sitcom dork

Took Sheldon fer sum therapy god training and to share some whippy sticks piscatorial pursuits with some vets

full boat ment he had to chill in the truck

managed to escape hissuitcase/seatbelt restaint and eat everything in the car

all his food, a bag of gorp,chips, cookies, candy and at least 20 mg of gummi meds

then jumped outta the back and swam out to the island

did manage to not eat the baby ducklins or mess with the nest, probs cause rollin in dead fish was easier

and at least the rod he 5 pieced was mine

sometimes even whens ya fail a bit ya win










wwp cheers

get out give thanks or a lill back and safely enjoy yur
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By yard4sale
Got tired of doing this:
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So I did a bass week. Good fun!
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Dog bless The Gorge spring. Springers, early summer steelhead, trout in the streams, bass in the big C, carp on the cruise. Even saw a guy get a Walleye on bass gear.
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By Transylwader
When you roll into a ghey craft beer store and ask for a 'gansett and the manager goes across the shopping mall to get you a 12'er. Fuck craft beer. It's for pussies. Whomsoever drinks to savour the flavour is akin to a bobber Fisher. You're not doing it right cuntflap!
Crush it like Quint, btices
By Honyuk96
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By CharlieJenkem
Plan A required a raincheck. Plan B didn't turn out half bad.
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Which one of you is this?
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