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By fishskibum
one of my place of employments is god friendly
puppystuffs got a few friends
Moses is one
cept bout 2 seconds after i got em both to sit nice
moses decided he no longer wanted to be friends and tried to put the alpha dog ass whoop on the stuffs, but only managed chunks of fur
i told him its okay i showed up here with my goofy stream of stonerness style
and the big dogs put a big ole e woofs on my fng shizz
but its okay sums of them fuckos is our irl pursuit of piscatorial prey friends now
aint much cheer in loosin deeze nuts and havin to wear the cant lick my junk dork cone of shame though
but the annual strut yur mutts for
and finding a landseer crew
sure didnt suck
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By -G-
Thursdays are basically a friday for friday right?

Lindsey's been loosin' her mind over swinging this fall. I get txts from her after it rains and screenshots of USGS flows during the work day saying "They're coming"

She's been getting purty good too.


The Shoe has also been getting out, I still get all giddy in this thing rowing.


This weekend I’m headed up for some leke superior steelhead so will report back if any fukery takes place, which is likely.
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By LA Fly Guy
With pictures like that you might be excused.
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By Kfoxwyo
G displaying great life choices all around.
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By cerevisiaephilus
Great pics. Croff Craft?

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By yard4sale
Nothing like a hot riverside lunch on a cold day. I'm thinking chili for Sunday.

Solid as always G.
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By fatman
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