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By germanbrown
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
By germanbrown
Image Image Image Image Image Image
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By TX.
Very nice!Even though it is freshwater.
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By m.b.
Originally posted by Ginseng Sullivan:n keep them fresh (water too). the salt water guys were taking over, something had to be done.
Just for's a little guy. Image What?? Tarpon live in freshwater... you should have said cold freshwater.n What a baitfish never wants to see: Image n Seriously though guys, those are some cool fish.
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By Mattb
Image Image

Image Plenty of salt on the board, but not nearly enough cold salt.
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By Big Oil
Best Thread this year!!! Germanbrown...what kind of fly is that you used to catch the pike? Just curious.
By Gaper
Fine work on all fronts. You had to know that the salt contingent would get in on the fun. Strong work by all.Shufisher, what did you hook that dolphin on? I bet they fight like hell, :D
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