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By The Wandering Blues
I got called outta retirement and back into service this week.... Playing a deputy on Better Call Saul this week. Wearing the uniform still sucks, but catered meals and hot chicks running around set make up for it.
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By Bigguy
WB, you might want to put a big Sheriff Dept. Sticker on the back of your trailer, a couple on the doors of your truck and wear that uniform on the road. Might prevent future hit and runs!
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By fatman
Friday somewhere...
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By fishskibum
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By sarmulminnow
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fire miracles
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By Da Ax
Dog Damn I miss fishing...
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By -G-
Nolan came home from Utah and we went fishing. He caught his first fish on a mouse. It rained all night, and in 12 (?) years of friendship I heard him say he was cold for the first time. In his defense, he took his nap in 6” of boat water while it rained in his face.



So we got some sleep, and....
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Fri May 24, 2019 6:53 am partied like right fucking paki’s on fire.

Something about bears oar blade being stuck. Which resulted in him buying a new oar blade that night. Should’ve watched CE’s vid on how to remove a stuck fly rod before hand.
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I went north for the trout opener.
Quite a ways north.
I fished with G_Smolt and the Narwal and a few other good dudes.
Up waaaay too early, up waaaay too late, difficult but not impossible fish, great food, naps, spey rods.
It was stellar.
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Average entertainment. Better than one star.

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