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Greenback cutts - natures prettiest salmonid bar none!! I gotta meet up with you Spool for some of those. Years ago I think I caught one of the last ones in the Lake Fork of the Gunnison - shock the split shot right outa me.
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By cabasturd
Absolute beauties. Looks like that water has not yet been soiled by the many bewadered feet of the fly fish masses. All the best in trying to keep it that way.
By Deerhawk
Spooled,n Looks like a damn fine day :cool: n Thank's
By germanbrown
nice spooled.
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By Smithhammer
Greenbacks are one cool fish. Well done Spooled. Rivers are getting high and runoff seems to be starting to kick in around here. Time to start heading in to the high country fer natives.

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