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By m.b.
morons. the first thing you do when a shark shows up is break the fish off so it doesn't die. there's no reason to lose a fish on the surface in daylight like that other than the fact that you're stupid.
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By Golden
I agree, first break off the tarpon, it was leadered already then get the haties out of there. Who wants to lean over the gunnel wih a ten foot hammerhead looking for dinner just on the other side. These idiots kept trying to catch the tarpon even after the hammerhead attacked. Then other "locals" joined in to watch the carnage! Not Cool!
By floodtide
Boca Grande is a joke. Seems like as many people are fishing there to feed bulls and hammers as are there to catch tarpon. The "Professional Tarpon Tournament" on TV isn't helping things either.
By Deerhawk
What goes around, comes around....n "Scales everywhere"... what a douche :vomit:
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By m.b.
that tournament is nauseating. bunch of redneck morons. you know it's bad when someone from TX is calling them rednecks...
Those people are fucking meat heads. I have fished Boca Grande (not the pass) many times and have had a blast fishing for Tarpon without losing any to sharks.
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By tailingpermit
ugh I believe in your cause monkey but in that situation that close to the boat your guide needs to lay his push pole korker side on th sharks head. If you break the fish off your only making yourself feel better hes still gunna get eaten. Use the push pole or the engine maybe even a magnum if availible. And i hate that tournament.

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