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By Float Rod
see what happens when you stay away from da bitches!!!!!Nice work....
By No Idea
Good call JF, 'Everybody's got guns'And that was on the tip of your head because you idolize
Image Red Dawn--Hit the streets when newspeak was supposed to be the rage and Big Brother, right?
By Deerhawk
NI,n Yeah, I was a bit leery initialy... But a guy who'll hang a prize gobbler on the front porch can't be all that bad :cool: n Serious, love good bird stuff :cool: :roll: n Welcome to the...ah.. :roll: whatever it's being described as this week. Do me a favor, throw one of those Noobs who ain't posted any porn on the fire, it seem's a bit cool in here :coffee:
By fyshnutz
Originally posted by Smithhammer:n Welcome to the Suck. :cool: Just don't be a Heero.
And here's a fouth :cool: n Nice opening volley, welcome to the, ah, well whatever.
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By Rusty Hook
Originally posted by Deerhawk:n ... a guy who'll hang a prize gobbler on the front porch can't be all that bad.
When it falls down, it's ready to roast.
By No Idea
Originally posted by monkey brains:n what make?n (for me:1st - flychunkingn 2nd - dove and quail)
Now you can hang me out to dry. It's a fencepost. An NID 16 with snails ears. I know that many think it's a hideous piece of Americana, but she's what I tote, proudly.I feed a 20 Uggie a nice diet during dove season, which opens in 23 days thank gawd. Dove porn will be forthcoming when the time is right. I hoist a 28 from time to time as well, for quail. There really aint many quail left in KY, and the photos shown from KS,NE,MT really call for a little more gun than the 28. Although I've done it, just to satisfy my ego--maybe like using a 3wt when you should use a 6wt?As far as preferences1) my wife after she has a couple martinisActually I'm seasonal.As in, I've hurt my face smiling in a duck blind, a dove field, on a prairie hunt, calling in a Gobbler or 3. Each season has its own place in my list of prefered activity. Right now March and June-Aug are a dead time, thus the renewed desire to pack a flyrod outdoors.So I lied, dove porn...n Susie the chessie on her last opening day. She's 12 and retired now. Image
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