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Fishing the Blue yesterday with a buddy of mine. Had the worst damn bad luck day ever. On the way home, came out the east end of Eisenhower Tunnel and there was some guys girlfriend with no pants walking top the back of his jeep to take a piss. You would think the side opposite the side of traffic would make more since but anyway, she had some nice tan lines and a nice looking ass. Second part, just 200 yards down the road on the opposite side, there were 2 truck drivers with their truck pulled over smoking a bowl on the front bumper. Not like they were hiding it and they still had to go down the other side of the pass. Only in Colorado I guess.

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On the way to a creek last year I got caught in the traffic standstill on the NYS thruway for a couple of hours with the Warped Tour traffic. Guess the toll takers left at the exit or something, so the people just got out on the road and partied showing off tattoos, piercings and other various body disfigurements. Saw things on young kids that a relatively old geezer like myself didn't know were possible. All in all, I prefer trout that I've put my own piercings in. :D

meh. let them breathe cake...

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