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By Kyner
A nice yellow Spin Rod with a fancy special fly line?

By The Hinge
What I dont understand is why Sage had to make the rod blank so ugly. I mean Bass guys like cool looking stuff too. Why yellow with brown thread wraps? Why not black blank with grey thread wraps to match the boat better?
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By burgerthumb
The thing that interests me is the possibility of actually entering one of these tournaments.
Now, I am not really sold on all that BASS, high-octane competitive fishing, but a tournament seems like a good enough excuse to spend several 8 hour days on the water (not that I need an excuse). And I've definitely outfished folks with gear on numerous occasions - I am curious to see if the flyrod could hang in there.
I am interested in hearing from people who have competed in bass tournaments with a fly.
By Highsticken
Bass on a fly rod?...Ha! yeah right!
Bass, as a rule, only eat jig and pig combos, spinner-baits, and Texas or Carolina rigged worms. Oh yeah, and marabou jigs.
Sage is a good company but I cant understand this bass fly rod thing? I mean if you cant catch them on a fly rod why try to sell it to the pubic?
I would never buy one of them eagle claw looking broomsticks.
If bass actually bit big flies then they might be worth a look but since they don't I will pass for now.
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By jerome
I fish tournaments some.. havent had a time i needed a flyrod , but i am sure there is a place... alot of trails dont allow them and other have a length limit of 8ft, which is why sage built these.... a 9 and a 11 wt i think... heard alot of good things from a guy that has tested them.... We have some sick mayflie hatches that could be good for a check some years.... also high pressure lakes, and bed fishing could be taken to a new level... alot of B.A.S.S pros grew up flyfishing....shit they didnt they anyone would win big tournaments on swimbaits....but they wont a few million for about 6 pros last yr... i have had life long fishing buddies tell me they wont fish with me again if i use a flyrod...... after i out fish them ...
By Highsticken
I feel the need to post some shitty bass angler porn. {film cam converted}



Man that feels good.
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By jerome
Dude that has to be a fucking blast...... never caught a smallie on a fly over 2lbs... but havent really been where any big ones live yet either... thanks for posting those pics.... My best on the fly so far was 9.3lb LMB on a 5wt and a wooly bugger i had tied about an hour earlier... I love trout....... but theres just something about bass taking poppers especially...

I would love to take my aluminum boat or even my friggin gheenoe and some flyrods and go beat some of these assholes in the $50,000 boats that think they own the lake... :mrgreen:
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By burgerthumb
Yo HS - that grizzly tin should be skoal.
Where you at?
Ever fish Champlain?

I spent many hours floating my canoe catching smallies on 2 flies - bugger or clouser. Incredible the fight they throw up.
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