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By eponymous
On vaca this summer in NH Ifound a great dropoff where the fish were hanging for the week. Took my 10 year old in a canoe along with my 4 wt SLT loaded with a Stimulator. 5 straight casts.5 smallies over 2 lbs absolutely smashing that shit. That kid is ruined. He will never dunk a worm for the rest of his life.
By Highsticken
I like the cut of the Griz. Skoal is a little softer and doesn't seem to last as long. Plus its 2 bucks more a tin.
Buggers and clousers are a main-stay for me as well, but I have been expanding my collection with some hellgramite and crayfish patterns.
Never fished Champlain, but I have fished the Metawee, a small trib with big trouts. I like the stretch near Cock-smash island.
By Highsticken
sweet Epo. Smallies , stimmies, and a 4wt with an impressionable mind. Hes done.
Next he'll be telling you he's gonna start tyeing so he can save some money!
And the circle begins
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By CaptHarry
I haven't really understood all the hype either. Shorter, different color, $350 = ?
TFO has been making shorter 7'6" TiCRX 6wt and 8wt rods for a few years now. No hype, no product pushers out there, just added it to the lineup. (As I'm sure other companys have as well, I believe loomis has a shorty 9wt also)
So what's the big freakin deal? Lots of people have been foaming at the mouth about these rods. I'm sure they are good rods, but I just don't get it on all the hype.
Later, Harry
By The Hinge
I think it is the fly shop folks who are trying to sell this fucking nasty looking Eagle Claw 4000. They got sold the concept at the dealer show, then they bought some and now have to unload them before they eat the loss.
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By marshalld
We took one out back of the shop the other day....the rod casts a ton...accurate enough, and dumped the reel. It does have balls. Can't say I'd own one though, IMO it is gawdy, pricey. GrouseGreen has it big void in my gear for me to fill...

Nice Bass pics!
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By jerome
Its all marketing... but they might be on to something with taper of blank and the line, imo.... bet the next ones if they make anymore dont look like a damn eagle claw... Looking at bass gear and all, suprised they made it look so old/ugly looking.... but then again we are talkng about a group that likes standing out...Mike Icconelli for instance, is their poster boy, i think he is an obnoxious tool...... There are a few pros that have extensive flyfishing backgrounds also, but I would think grabbing one of these sages out of the rod box on tv might cause some sponsorship issues...
If i own one one of these sages, it will be one off ebay,etc.... people will buy them and not be able to fish them and sell them cheap... the bass guys are notorious about this with their rods and reels.

as far as using it in a tournament personally, I still cant figure out exactly when and what flies would get me the 5 bites in 8 hrs on Oconee that i would need to get a check..... The backbone and all is there, but i cant really figure out anything other than freak occasions that i would need to fish like this to win or place.... high pressure, maybe... and the mayflies although hatch for 3 months some years are not keyed on very long by the bass when you have so many shad... plus it would be an assload of blind casting, here anyway for the most part.... not all that much fun or productive..
By sub zero
Guys, the bass rods by sage are not the best looking, I agree. Have you fished one? Have you casted one? Have you picked one up in a store?TFO rods are great, the Sage rods are great to. Bass fishing with a fly rod is about to blow up! There is a bass on ,just about on every street corner here in Dallas. I fish Lake Fork alot big bugs and I catch fish right behind other boats throwing conventional gear. The fish out here just haven't seen to many flies. So whats the beef on the rods; the price, the way they look, or the way they cast. Finally, I am getting what I have been asking Sage to make a long time, the first go around is always going to get mixed reviews, at least we have a toe in the water in a new direction and it is going to be good if we can keep developeing new stuff.
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By Salmotrutta
Grouse&green wrote:the new Sage bass rods aren't that bad looking. hell, the first time i saw the Sage sticks, i felt that there couldn't be an uglier. the doodie-brown grew on me though.

the reason that these companies are entering into the Bubba Bass Circuit is b/c the FF industry is shriveling at break-neck speed. compared to conventional gear sales, FF is a zit on gnat's ass. just 1% of those sales would be a huge boost. anyone who has worked in a shop for longer than a week knows that the new guy in FF will spend the next 4-10 years buying everything he *needs*. the established dude might be a new reel or rod each year, but he's pretty much set on gear.
I hear ya there. I try like Hell to support my local shop, but when you have everything you need it's hard as a patron to justify buying stuff you know you'll never use just to be nice.
They recently quit dealing Sage rods and Went to cheaper Brands. That means they've lost my every once in a while rod purchase. They also started carrying reels that aren't so good, so when I buy that new Z-Axis come Jan., I won't be able to support them with a reel purchase either.
I'll just keep buying a pack, or 2 of Daiichi's when I stop in. At least they aren't skimping with the hooks.
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By Plow
I played with the smaller one at the “Saltwater Picnic” in LA this Oct. I was looking for a rod that could make quick, short, accurate throws with weighted bulky flies for redfish. It really did the job. It would also be good at punching flies way back under the mangroves.
The lines sage ships with them are essentially the same grain weight as 10 and 11 wt lines. Cast pretty good at distance also which you would expect for 10/11 wt lines. This is defiantly not the rod you want to throw when the fish are spooky.
By LeeO
I don't get it. I can't think of a time fishing for bass that I felt I needed more rod than my cheap ass 8'6" 7 weight.
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By shunned
I've got one paired with this.
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