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By kreekn
Yeah I know I got burned out a bit on the Terrapin Rye Pale Ale,from Athens,GA.Unfortunately AL has fucked up beer laws and we can't get alot of the really good stuff due to AC.But hell,I'll drink beer from anywhere,just the other night I was drinking Shiner from a Mason jar.
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By fat tire
TokenGirl wrote:Ginger Ale. (I'm tying tonight)

I'll see your ginger ale and throw in some makers. Bored shitless at the house. I'm going to bed.
By chuffer
TroutGirl wrote:Image
You don't want to be here. I appreciate you supporting the old employer, though.
By Highsticken
Clan Mac greggor . Blended and splendid only 14 bucks for a liter. just add ice .
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By sinker
Nemeth wrote:Railbender ale, A long time Pa favorite
Well, I'm on this breweries boat only with, no shit, Drake's Crude. It is a fantastic Oatmeal Stout.


Disgruntled thin mint it is.

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