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Thanks for the welcome; I’m looking forward to the many wasted hours and failed productivity this site will bring into my life.

I would like to “clear-up” the Butter Tart or Pie issue with SageBrush but as a noob I’ll stand down and promise to be more pie-diligent in the future (even though it clearly says “Pecan Pie” in plain American writing on the wrapper).
fatpig wrote:that shit is so good - its inspired me to actually find the keyboard on the drake board again.... strong work
dito, excellent work. You got friends, Invite them, tell 'em about The Drake.

Can I go fishing with you?
mendthatshit87 wrote:If there was ever a model to follow for introductions...I think this would be it. Damn man, way to make us other noobs feel like shit haha welcome
Go to the archives and find the first post for JayJay, Ginsing, Vlad or the right Reverend Kirk for more examples.

Welcome Plow.
Plow that was incredible. Made me realize how sorry my first offering to the Drake was. Is that fish in the 5th picture a black drum? Looked to wide to be a red. Either way, to steal a phrase from Txfly, that thing is a Franken-drum!

As far as the "many wasted hours and failed productivity" goes it is certainly entertaining. Can't tell you how many times the wife calls in from the other room and says "Are you on the Drake again? What a waste of time!"
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