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By Kyner
I'm going but my shit is already packed. Only thing left to do is the camera.
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By TX.
Fuck off, asshole
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By Lando
Txfly wrote:Fuck off, asshole
I guess someone is staying home to watch football.

I will hit the drink tomorrow for a bit and do my best to drag up some hogs.
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By Lando
Yum......I will throw one tomorrow as well.
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By Ajax
The only thing that I'll throw tomorrow is a big fit as I clean up the house in preperation for the Return of the Wife. Besides, the rivers here are either 90% mud or blown out, and the ice isn't safe.

I might load my new pack and walk around the yard. The neighbors sometimes take my picture.
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By Salmotrutta
The Hinge wrote:
Salmotrutta wrote:I'll be fishing a little. Finishing up an all Black Sex Dungeon as I type this.
do you jerk strip it or just fish it across and back. What is the technique there?
That would depend on the situation at hand...
If fishing "the water" I would fish both methods you described. If I were to see a big fish in the open I drift the fly in the direction of the fish and twitch it here and there as it gets close.
Sometimes it works, sometimes they swim like Hell in the other direction.
The hardest part of these meadow type streams I fish allot is the lack of cover for the fly flinger in the winter. The grass gets to be about 6 feet tall in the summer, but in the winter it mind as well be bare earth. The fish can spot you at a pretty good distance on this terrain. The water is so calm and clear the picture they see isn't broken up as it would be on a faster, broken flow.

Wrong thread for newb fuckery, Fanny.

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