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By Lando
I have been using photobucket for years, but of late, it is slow as hell. I got a bunch of photos from today that I want to share, but this waiting is getting old.
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By Lando
Me? No...........that is little Lando. He came out today and fished for a bit. Landed two before he had to leave to hang out with his mom.
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By epol
Little Lando? I thought that's what you called, ag never mind. Good to see you made it out with the kid.
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By Oldog
Great with your son.

I use the bucket too.

Can't even think about loading more than two or three photos at a time
By Highsticken
The busket is alls I knows . Ands thats looks likes somes damns fines waters .
I applauds .

PS nie'zviser

Wrong thread for newb fuckery, Fanny.

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