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By Shufisher
Too good not to share.

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By burgerthumb
You know he's dreaming about big ole sir-mix-alot style bubble butts.
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By ditchdoc
I think MLK was good, but damn, I'd get sleepy too.
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By Golden
Thanks Shu...that's priceless! Yawn! Billy boy needed some shades!
By Fah Q
Plow wrote:looks like Bill had a dream too
that's not the only thing they had in common - both are adulterers.
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By Ajax
Bill's OK. All that was missing was a nut scratch and a full blown yawn.
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By Campnut
Golden wrote: Billy boy needed some shades!
yeah, a pair like jake and elwood wore. you know, those thick black rimmed ones... I think he has a pair but only wears them when he breaks out the sax.

and a sheep shot. strong work :smile

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