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By Plow
On the fresh side:
Green Trout – Black Bass to y’all
Pan fish with small poppers. If I could tell’em apart I’d say which ones
My first trout - the real fresh water kind of any flavor since I can’t tell’em apart either

On the salt:
Shots at sheepsheads that I don’t screw-up
Put a few friends onto some slob redfish
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By Crick Addict
1: TROUTS, that's it....ok, maybe Char, too. (in case I catch a Brookie by mistake)
Sorry, but Carpi make me nauseated...I know it's all about the tug, but damn...just sayin'
They knocked down a dam and mine went from trout heaven to a Striped Basshole fishery.
Now I know where you fish. I must agree. One of the best Brown Trout fisheries reduced to small rainbows and stripers.

Back to thread topic-
Snook-Over 10 LBS
Tarpon-over 50 LBS
Brookie over 5 LBS in Maine
As many Steelhead as possible both east and west !!!! I love these fish
Any wild fish !!!!! should be number 1
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By Bruiser
Second half of August I will be back here:

All year long at the local trickles:


Late July back to Trout Location X

Saltwater not likely for 2008 but I will squeeze in a few DIY days on any coastal business trips that come my way.
By Spooled
1. Cutt Slam of Colorado
2. Big trouts
3. Shoal Bass in March before my brother's wedding
4. Wiper
5. Pike
6. Maybe something in Mexico this fall.
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By Oldog
Big Brown
Big trout on a little fly
Striper (probably have to be freshwater)
something from the salt
By viking
Nemeth wrote:Excuse me, I'm sorry. I'm from the east and those three letters in that sequence is like writing "666" on the wall at church to us.

I apologize again,

Sea run Cutts? Sounds like something I would enjoy.
Whoa, that was a pretty cool reaction. They are fun, like regular trouts but really pissed off.
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By Sewer Trout
I want a big alligator gar on a fly. Those things are bad ass mo' fo's.

It's funny that everyone lists carp, being as how they are considered trash to most and so easily attainable. They are a hell of a lot of fun though and often make even the most selective trout look easy.
By Jackie Treehorn
last year was:
#10 stiper, freshwater
CARP, drum, buffalo
cuts, 'bows, brown, brooks
red, specks, skip jack

this year:
steelies and salmon in PNW,did it years ago, time to go back
and if things work out GOLDEN DORADO in Argentina (full report will be delivered on that one)
and maybe some bones in Hawaii
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By flymph
Rio Grande Cutt
22" trout on a size 22 fly (any variety will do)
Redneck slam in one day on same fly- bluegill, redear, green sunfish, warmouth
Carp - done the carp thing before on a 5 wt, its the freshwater bonefish
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By Adams
I'm hoping for a walleye on a dry fly, capr or muskie over 20 lbs, and a decent sized roosterfish. I get any of them this year and I'll be damned happy. I can get 3 out of 4 within 3 miles. But damn, the rooster fish are fun. . .
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