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By tailingpermit
1. 50 Permit
2. Fox River Carp on Dry Flies at night
3. Big Brown Trout in Timber Coulee region
4. Big Redfish out of my new canoe Ban River
5. Steelhead any where
By bighawkfan
Wiper (If you have never got into them in a big way, put this on your list)
Mr. Bucket Mouth
Many Evenings of bluegill fun
Konk a few crappie on the noggin and throw 'em in a pan
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By Kyner
Lotta guys looking for the Carp this year, that's cool.

My goal is to work more on learning the Trout Lakes. I was fortunate to be able to fish with a friend who really knows his shit on these lakes several times and man there is alot more to it than tossing a Wooley Bugger out as far as you can then pulling it in as fast as you can.

As far as fish go well I'd like to crack the Wiper code this year, and maybe even a Pike.
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By Nemeth
Spring - Trout and Smallies

Summer- Carp, occasional Trout on a hopper, ant, or trico

Fall- Big Trout, Big Smallies

Winter- Occasional day on the water

Rinse and Repeat..................
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By viking
Steel on the swing
Trouts in pretty places
Finding a Brookie up high
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By Nemeth
viking wrote:Steel on the swing
Trouts in pretty places
Finding a Brookie up high
Hold the fuckin phone, is that SRC as in Spring Ridge Club?

I will wait for your answer before I go off on a tangent.
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By fatback
-10# bass (not off a bed, but outta the lilypads like it should be)
-a full grown "oh shit" size tarpon off the Homasassa flats
-steelhead - learn to spey/tie tubes
-and anything that comes with a week in the glades chicki hopping
By Articulated Trico
SRC=Sea Run Cutthroat !!!!
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By Nemeth
Excuse me, I'm sorry. I'm from the east and those three letters in that sequence is like writing "666" on the wall at church to us.

I apologize again,

Sea run Cutts? Sounds like something I would enjoy.
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By steelhyde
steelhyde wrote:
DoubleNickel wrote:Musky on the fly tops my list.
Me too.
burgerthumb wrote:
1.I am on the muskie quest as well. Any Michiganders out there want to trade info, flies, or go fishing for these?

2. Also - lake-run browns. 3. Carp on my local river - I have seen some monsters, but haven't had more than some fleeting glances. 4. Big brookies - got into them last fall in Canada and only want more. 5. Salt - now that I live in the midwest I gotta make sure to hit the ocean somehow at least once a year.

Making a fish list is so much better than making a new year's resolution. "I'm going to cut down on drinking and lose ten pounds." - Yeah right! At least I have a chance with the fish.
Not in Michigan but in Minnesota, which is better for muskie anyway. I've been working at the muskie thing for a year now. I've hooked a few but havent landed anything. I use big saltwater poppers and streamers. Really big.

Check out Tomes' new book called Muskie on the Fly - if the damn publisher ever releases it. I am still waiting for my copy.
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