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By No Shit
Here you go, B & P for the unworthy:


I'm thinkin' this is a the kind of pie most of you heavy-breathers are after:


I fish more than most, consider myself fortunate to live in Montana where I can access great water with ease.

I'm a father of a soldier who spent a year in Iraq.

I really don't give a shit about your politics, religion, or sexual preference.

If you can engage in a little light-hearted banter I'll buy you a beer. If all you want to do is prove to me that your point of view is right, then piss off.
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By Shufisher
Not bad noob, but where's the piscatorial porn?
By Bird Dog
I hear ya. Any sweet whitefish pics?
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By No Shit
epol wrote:Do you know this guy?
Spinner is the reason I left the home of the Packers. He's a tool.

However, it wasn't cool that his wife's pic was put up here. Family are out of bounds, no matter how obnoxious the board member.

Fish porn:


More fish porn:


Water close to my home--ignore the tourist in the foreground:

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thanks for the porn no shit :coffee
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