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Of all bands, Montrose and Foghat were the 2 my fucking squarest,square of a dad saw back in the day..... lmao

The black crowes had a good one too, with the bush peeking out.. also worth mentioning is the record sleeve of the Stone's sticky fingers album..
The Stones one was a good one too, which Foghat are we talking about? I love those fuckers but the only shit I have of them is some live stuff..........need to get updated with those dudes for they truly rocked :smile
Old school Foghat... the band that brought us the wonderful classic toking song, "Slow Ride" one of my fav. summertime burning a doobie cruisin down a back road on the way to do some wet wading..... that song is right up there with central ga's finest, The allman bros.and their song "Aint wastin time no more" for those kind of days.. :cool
Cant go wrong with their greatest hits Cd... thats what I have..

Montrose also kicked ass... i was just saying it was a shock to me that my dad would have seen them when he was 19 or 20... he was a wanna be hippie square. :coffee

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