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By Reef Runner
[report]Apparently he is too chicken shit to post on here- but some pix from last week's Boca Paila trip with flyer miles that he stole from me and didn't even use. Figured it would help thaw this frigid freaking board. BTW- if anybody wants a sweet deal on a flight to Cancun and has "Potlicker" on their Passport send me a PM.
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my little chorizo is showing.JPG
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these crackers are going to rape me later.jpg
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By m.b.
that permit makes up for the other two midgets. nice fish. that one looks to be bigger than the ones that Tailing Pizza catches.

why is his fly down in that 3rd picture? is Mangina off-camera wiping his face off?
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By Lando
Those are some nice shots. BTW-they aren't out of focus.......I am just really drunk.
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By burgerthumb
Pretty hilarious that dude's got his barn door open.

Thanks fer sharin'. Humorous and looks like a great time.
By viking
Sweet Permit. And fuck any of you that can wear shorts right now.
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By Big Oil
TP that was funny as hell...the "client" seems like a real class act "You knew that was coming". Will should have smacked him in the back of the head with the pushpole.
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By fat tire
Nice TP. From the looks of things that client "looked" better then he fished. The line looked like it was confusing him. That little comment deserved a cleet full of mud right in his ass crack.
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By Big Oil
Potlicker screwed up the dates with Reef's Frequent flyer miles, so he calls me at work the Friday two days before he is leaving to explain he had the dates wrong. So I donated some of my miles to send his happy ass down to Cancun.

He sent me this little video yesterday which is two short, and sucks. However, it is funny as hell if you listen to him, it sounds like he has a "fish climax" at the end. Too funny!! The one guy up top to Potlicker's right looks like Ernest Hemingway.

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By fat tire
HA! Oil, he was almost there.

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