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By tailingpermit
Big Oil wrote:TP that was funny as hell...the "client" seems like a real class act "I knew that was coming". Will should have smacked him in the back of the head with the pushpole.
Had that been me at the front of the boat I would have laughed at him all the way. I fell off the front of the boat a couple of years ago fishing with Will we were fishing Permit in the Marquesas heres what happened. It was blowin hard and Willy spotted a school of Permit comin fast to the boat I made a cast and dropped right in the middle of the school. I was young and stoopid my first year with Willy I was more worried about my fly line than the fish I went to step down off the platform to strip the line into the cockpit and bam! The next thing I knew I was underwater and when I came up all I could see was Willy looking the other way he then turned to me and said strip I was like WHAT? he said strip again so I did. Turns out when I fell into the water the fish spooked then settled down right onto my fly and me being a wet jackass holding the fly rod I needed to strip but I was in a state of shock. So long story short willy could have cared less if i was hurt he just wanted to hook up so im waitin to get him back. And if you would like to know i felt like such a jackass after that in the next 20 minutes I landed a 8lb bone and a 20lb permit must have helped me.
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By The Volfish
Falling off the platform is an art form. Nothing like sticking the pushpole in the mud when it's blowing and getting hauled off in a big hurry. :stupid

Looked and sounded like Hair Wiggins. :bomb
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By Shufisher
It does appears he's trolling for a handsome Wyoming ranch hand.

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By m.b.
The Volfish wrote:Falling off the platform is an art form. Nothing like sticking the pushpole in the mud when it's blowing and getting hauled off in a big hurry.
oh, TP can pull that one too...
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By Mangina
Dude, I thought it was Reefs wife birthing babies. Looks like you have the post partum weight gain!!! Heres an idea, quit soaking those Josies burritos in the vib, bilge, dash of the car, etc and try eating a salad.

By the way, "You know how I know you're gay?" wear the sam gay ass camo Orvis shirt Reef wears!
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By Plow
The Volfish wrote: Nothing like sticking the pushpole in the mud when it's blowing and getting hauled off in a big hurry.
I never leave home without my sissy bar for that reason.
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By Golden
I just spoke with TMEX or Potlicker as you call 'em, anyways he didn't say a thing about going to Mexico fishing when we talked. "SOMBITCH" The dude on the right side of the table is Wayne...he who has parked his scooter at my RV for the winter! Wait till he tries to start that baby...SURPRISE! Didn't even ask me if he could. Then he parked it right in front of my RV's door. EEwww eeww That smell...cant you smell that smell...sorry Wayne payback is a MF'er!!!!

Anyways talked to TMex about going winter sheephead fish'n. They are running the shoals down in E. Matty and average size is five pounds +. This is the only time of the year when they get aggressive and terriorial...which all translates into "FISHON". Try these little hotties on a 5 or 6wt. Spell that FUN!!!

Now what is strange is TMex was all jizzed about going sheepy fish'n even after banging permit, bones, and snook down in tacoland...that tells you alot about the man. Maybe not? If MonkeyBrains or Mooseknuckles, Reef, Big Oil. Jackie T., or other are listening PM me and I'll tell you know when this little adventure may happen. Bunch of TFF'er are in and waiting out the current weather pattern. BY the way, Potlicker doesn't suck donkey dongs...he inhales them.
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