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By chuffer
Happy Australia day. Watch out for snakes.

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By jerome
I concur.....

would like to unwrap that loosely wrapped gift box... and give her a gift or two... :cheer
By Deerhawk
Perky Party! Ausi Haptralia Day Mate! :cool
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By Oldog
can't beat that birthday, i mean Ausria day suit.
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By Plow
And I thought I knew party hats…

Yea Australia. :cool
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By shunned
G'day USA!

this summed up Austria Day for me
ah crumbs.jpg
ah crumbs.jpg (129.56 KiB) Viewed 1755 times
12hrs fishing, 4hrs driving, 3 stoopid trout and 32C (90seppo)

on a side note, this place is starting to pong a bit.
By evilmonkey50
shunned wrote:
on a side note, this place is starting to pong a bit.
Translation = ???

Oh, and the traditional Austria day Weasel pic:

By viking
Fucking Austrians.
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By shunned
I've got one of those.

spent my youth shagging Ginger and married Mary-Ann.

pong translation

a bit on the nose, mate.

that keith richards meme is greatness.

I can tell, this is going to be one of those that […]

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