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By Mr. Don
I knew I had to have a picture of a fish somewhere. This one was stashed away in my rod building folder. Busted the rods cherry. Look how nice and clean the cork is.

thank you

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By Nemeth
Smallies make me happy, nice one. River or lake?
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By Pat
smallmouth bass are cool.
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By jerome
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By Mr. Don
monkey brains wrote:what kind of reel is that?
It's an Orvis. Rocky Mt. Turbine or something like that.

I wasn't going to admit this on this forum but most of my stuff is Orvis. I live like 300 yards from the only Fly shop in the area and it is an Orvis and the owner is a friend.

Go ahead blast my ass.
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By Kyner
I think Orvis gear is fine and good, it's just that they sell all that other fag homo yuppie shit which casts a supposed dubious light upon thier real fly gear.

I don't own any but here in CO we have a fly shop every 2 blocks and only 2 or 3 in the whole state are Orvis. They haven't quite broken the market very well out West here for some reason. At any rate, there was a time some years ago when they sold thier shit along side everyone elses in shops across the land and I had used some of it back then but now a days I need to go out of my way to fondle it so all the other companies will get my dollar.

But it's still good shit.
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By jerome
good reels for the money.. I have one of the first RMLA 7/8's... I have abused and beat the shit out of the reel.. never failed. Fished salt alot when i first got it and all i ever did was hosed it off and cleaned it good when i got back. Caught snook, etc... LMB's, hybrids, stripers. even tied up pellet flies for catfish in a friends small pond, got the big ones feeding and caught 10-15 lbers on flies.... got a regular RM 3/4 also that i have used for almost 10 yrs.. also abused...

a little pricey on some stuff bt Nothing wrong with Orvis other than wonderline.imo.. cant beat the customer service at Buckhead store plus the annual warehouse sale and online sales... Most my shit i got when i started was Orvis. The guys at BPS pissed me off so i went to the buckhead store. Luckily they have 2 managers that fish all the time, i mean really great flyfishermen and are not out to rob you if you dont know better... Got me set up and actually think it cut out a large chunk of learning curve for me. :cool
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