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By CoC
Latest issue of "Wild On The Fly" Issue Number 12 page 24

How's it feel to be on the bottom bitches? :gun :gun : Too dam funny for words.
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who the hell has time to read . chrome on chrome. sounds doing something sexual with a trailer hitch. :coffee and the blog spot ,"one mans quest to be on the fly fishing team" :cheer
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By Yard Sale
I'm going to start a blog about all the blogs I've read.
By chuffer
What the fuck, man?
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By epol
Hey CoC gobbler, this is a fly fishing site run along to salmon crazy now like a good little boy.

The reason, dumbass? It's called the alphabet.
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By m.b.
CoC wrote:Latest issue of "Wild On The Fly" Issue Number 12 page 24

How's it feel to be on the bottom bitches? :gun :gun : Too dam funny for words.

I really don't get the point of this. What are we on the bottom of? What is too damn funny for words?

I mean, granted, I don't keep up with the fly magazine/web fly forum politics so maybe that's why I don't get it.

Seems to me that some dude that has a chrome magazine is getting a lot of pleasure about his name being mentioned directly above this place, but I don't get what is so funny about that...??
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By Nemeth
Did he cut off the arm of the monkey? Why would you do such a thing, pick on someone your own size pussy.

I think he needs to meet the "Drake Dirty Dozen".

Sing along with me now jackass A B C D E F G, you remember now? Ask your boyfriend when he's done with the trailerhitch, maybe he can relearn your dumbass the ABC's.

Stupid fucking CoC's these days.
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By Smithhammer
CoC wrote:
Buster you're on the list!
Thankfully, I didn't see Buster on the list, but then I haven't seen the mag either. But I have a feeling this is going to be fun, so pull up a seat, CoC Master, and grab some candy.

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