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By Nemeth
Is he gone yet, his pointless bullshit is killing me.

Can we have some more muppets?
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By fat tire
tim_s wrote:this was kind of funny last night, but it has taken a sharp right hand turn directly into pathetic....
pathetic...yes. But I think it's still funny. CoC lover has went from Mr. Tough to Mr. Puss Bag in less then 2 pages. What a clam bag.

One question CoC..When did you go from playing the flute...
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By Nemeth
Ha! Beaker was the greatest, wonder what he is up to these days.
300px-Beaker_and_Wacky_WallWalkers.jpg (18.79 KiB) Viewed 1331 times
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By jerome
i concur, the Muppets and Muppet babies ruled.... then to rediscover them in college after finding the joys of viewing under influence of psychedelic drugs.. Beaker was hilarious.. that was a guy I graduated Hs with nickname... fucker hated it...didnt even look like the muppet, just acted like him sometimes... :cool
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By Spudnik

That pic from "Meet the Feebles"?

Awesome movie...

Oh, and Coc's blog is full of bland and predictable writing... "Not a soul on the river... Good fish, drink, and friends... its about the experience, but sometimes about the fish..." Great, truly insightful, splendid, outstanding. SO FUCKING BAD.
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By fat tire
Did you guys say muppets..or..muffets?

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