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By The Volfish
Anyone wet a line around there? Wife wants to take the seaplane flight out there for the day, should I pack the 8 wt. for bones?
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By Plow
I fished the Tortugas years ago. Great wreck, reef and bottom fishing. Also saw lots of Tarpon. Mote has great snapper fishing but don’t get caught. You really need a boat here.
Don’t know about the bones but did see huge cuda within wading distance.
Many of the keys and waters have been closed to protect the wildlife from us lowlifes.

Are seaplanes hard to pole?
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By TokenGirl
Like Plow said, you really need a boat. In the areas where you are still permitted to fish, the bottom fishing is off the charts - mutton snapper are routinely the size of trashcan lids, a 10 lb. black grouper is ordinary, yellowtail snapper get to be a nuisance, and the 300+ pound goliath groupers will certainly test your manhood. Other regulars: tarpon, permit, giant barracauda, king mackerel, blackfin tuna... I could go on here.

Now about where you can and can't fish...

No fishing in the Tortugas Ecological Reserve (2 areas west and southwest of the park proper). Here is a link to a map that shows where they are:

No fishing in the Tortugas Research Natural Area. Here is a link to a map showing where it is: ... eprint.pdf

Tip of the day:

The area just to the northeast of the park boundary is where the shrimpers come early (and I mean EARLY) in the morning to clean out their catch. They anchor up and start tossing their bycatch over the side. WHAT A CHUMLINE!!!

I'm hoping to get out there this summer at some point.
By Articulated Trico
You need to check it out even if you don't fish!! I have mapped that area and studied sat images! One thing you never hear of there is snook! Caught some giants in the MArquesas on he inside flats! Could be even more limestone freshwater seepage around the Fort? Anyway, should be down that way mid March or so, if wanna hop in my boat?
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By The Volfish
Not sure of the exact timing of the vist, just that it will happen.

Thanks for the input from all.
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