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By Spudnik
Great stuff, man. Seeing your little guy smile puts things in perspective. Have a good one. :cool
By Heckler
that was grade-A reporting RB! not long winded at all. And your boy made me smile seeing him almost falling in with the biggest trout in the world. Fucking sweet report bro'. Keep on keeping on.

Cheers :cool
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By The Cape Fear Kid
Sweetern' YooHoo.
By nllaeder

This pic is awesome! Nice work, he'll remember that forever.
By Jackie Treehorn
Nice work bro', wish I could have been there for it...and let Ty know, he's my friend too :cool
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By jerome
You done spoiled the youngin now.... great pics. :cool
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By Shufisher
RB - Very nice, thanks for sharing.

BTW, Cute kid who's the real dad?
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By Oldog
Way Cool

thanks for taking us there
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By Rhyacophila
Great post RB, what a day on The Drake, between you, Glista, and Sewer Trout, this place is reely beginning to suck all over again.

Nice story, proper english, attention to detail, and an outstanding family outing; keepin that shit up and ppl might knot reel eyes yer a redneck - maybe you could spit er sumthin

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