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The classics thread, in addition to the fact I am office bound and hungry got me thinking of some classic foods. n Tied one on pretty good the other night with a good friend who is moving to Colorallado- well we got :( the munchies and this was our order at the bar--n Fried Cheese Curdsn jollapano poppersn Fried Macaroni and cheese (seriously-no shit- they were like little triangle doughballs with mac and cheese in them)n Pizza Friesn And as it was eaten-- it was good. And I also have a free place to stay in the Rockies. n D
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By FliesOnly
What is your favorite streamside snack?
By nllaeder
Originally posted by FliesOnly:n What is your favorite streamside snack?
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By FliesOnly
Originally posted by nllaeder:n
Originally posted by FliesOnly:n What is your favorite streamside snack?
Ahhh, Zombie eh?
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By Rusty Hook
Originally posted by FliesOnly:n What is your favorite streamside snack?
Scud-fed brookies, seasoned with garlic powder and roasted on a stick.

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By viking
See? That's exactly why cremation is a good idea. The last thing I need is to have someone zombie on me while I'm fishing.
By Bird Dog
that's why I carry this with me at all times. Image

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By BigTimber
FSHFLY,You are so high.
By coloradicus
Thanks for the midwest memories FSHFLY, you should go to the Minnesota State Fair. Then, not only can you get everything fried, but you can get it "on a stick" too.Favorite streamside snack? Skoal, beer, roast beef snadwich.
By eggsuckingleach
A Snickers Bar and a Long-Necked Bud that I snuck into my buddies backpack when he was not looking.
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I need no food and barely any water when I am fishing. Ok, maybe a granola bar or something. Or those little boxes with cheese and crackers and the little red spreader. And beer in the cooler for apres fishing. But early season- it is sometimes nice to sit down and heat up with the coleman a nice bowl of hearty beef stew the wife made for me, with some cheese *(Sharp chedder) and a thick bread-from a local bakery, And a bottle of Winter Bach...D
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