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By Yard Sale
Saw this pic and thought he got that poon on an old boo rod. then saw the subtitle, kenSAGErodtarpon
kensagerodtarpon1[1].jpeg (38.41 KiB) Viewed 3034 times
(Photo courtesy of Ken Hanley, copyright 2007)

Just wondering if anybody actually fishes the salt with boo? I'm not into it but I just can't imagine how the old skool guys did it....
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By m.b.
That looks like the Sage bass rod. Are you sure he was in saltwater?

He may have been bass fishing in FL and caught that fish. There are small tarpon in the ponds, lakes, and canals all over south FL. Snook, redfish, and blackdrum are also found in freshwater down there.

But to answer your question, I have never seen anyone fish salt with bamboo. Ask German Brown, he might know.
By nllaeder
germanbrown has fished the flats with a bamboo rod. Don't think he caught much with it, but he used it.
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By Plow
My grandfather fished the keys with bamboo and steel rods in the 40s, 50s & 60s. He changed to fiberglass and never looked back. The bamboo fly stuff was off limits to the g-kids but we used the old bamboo boat rods for swords and tent poles.

I bumped into a guy fishing bamboo at a launch on Big Pine a few years back. Got the bamboo-is-the-one-true-material lecture. I’ve heard of others doing it if the conditions are right. Can’t image anyone using bamboo in the salt as a primary rod. Be fun for stunt fishing I guess.
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By longslostrip
Yeah that looks like a Sage bass rod.
But I have a friend who like Plow's grandfather, fished the Keys in the 50's and 60's with boo.
This guy still has closet full of Orvis rods (in light blue tubes)from that period which he still uses. I have bonefished with him several times, and boo is the only thing he uses. He's the only boo user I've ever seen. They are out there, just few and far between.
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By shunned
fucking hell, I bet he's got a Sage tattoo.

on his ankle.
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By Salmotrutta
shunned wrote:fucking hell, I bet he's got a Sage tattoo.

on his ankle.

Funny Austrian Bump. You got a Sage Tat.? on the ankle mate? Bum? Spunk?
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By Kyner
shunned wrote:fucking hell, I bet he's got a Sage tattoo.

on his ankle.
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By flyfisheraa573
An ex actually bought me an old Boo surf caster rod, or some sort of Salt rod...she thought it was a short fly rod...I didn't break the news to her that it wasn' point is that people used to fish salt with boo...don't know about now

I bet Geirech would though
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By wvangler
As a bamboo rodmaker myself I love the stuff. As a more-than-interested spectator, yes it has been done and continues as such. As a person who enjoys making fishing fun, fuck that. I'll use graphite in the saline water thank you.
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